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How IT is destorying other Industries In India

This blog-post is a typical criticizing of the Information technology (IT) sector, where the author goes on bashing the IT has the main reason for the downfall in our country but with proper reasoning. Though I work in one of the Multi-National Companies (MNC) that come under the IT Sector, I would like to tear this article down from the inside to the out with my experiences inside the IT office and from the travelling experiences I have had in a while.

As the article title suggests, I am going to blabber and reason about how the IT has affected other sectors in India. Information technology might be a boom for India, since it bought all the technology jobs to India – it has served many companies and people alike enriching them with money and experiences. Indians have been proud to carry out this work, at get paid well compared to the other sectors of India. The Raise of IT has been phenomenal with double digit growths in India for most of the companies and the sector. Politicians and Thinkers alike are not seeing the silent daemon in IT, it is a whitewash to the ambitions of a country to grow in equilibrium through other sectors.

Starting of with the Talent Pool, Indians have always played safely from time immemorial with respect to how they lead their life’s. Indians have never been pushed to the brink except perhaps during the droughts in the 60s and during pre-independence. With salaries that are highest in every other sectors, the best talents in the large talent pool of India have fixated on joining the IT sector for the salary. Though the person might not be talented in anyway with respect to computers, he might as well be a talent in mechanical engineering – but he still joins IT sector. With lot of buzz around in media and online on several websites about the job prospects – it is sure for any college going teenager to turn his heads to IT rather than doing anything exciting in other sectors. Hence the talent have gone settled in IT sector, it would have been good if they did something really good in IT – but that has not been the case. Talented people are being wasted in IT by allocating them to clerical work which is usually due to the back-office nature of work that indian companies recieve through the outsourced projects from western countries. Believe me, I have worked in an Indian IT company – it is just the conditional statements that needs to be changed to finish the projects. Since the talent pool is lost in this transition, we will never be able to inspire the younger generation with the kind of work we do – very unlike the work that our fathers used to do in Civil Engineering and as Scientists at various Insitutes.

One more big reason that IT has ruined other sectors – it is the business class; parents of the IT employee have stopped taking risks with projects. Hearing stories from friends whose fathers were working in small shops like fabrication and welding shops. These fathers have completely stopped taking risks and stayed at home by depending on the son/daughters salary. This has led to outsourcing of manufacturing sectors to china and other south asian countries – we are loosing the edge in manufacturing. Their is one more scenario, where these parents are no longer concerned with quality of products – thus the supply of the products has gone down in a huge manner in the consumer and business customers. This Indirect effect is not felt in daily life; but you will come across the change over a large period of times. Just have your ears over to friends who have a story to tell and then ask them about the present scenario.

Some people have started seeing IT has the magic bullet in most of the industries and are waiting for IT to magically give them solutions to problems. Other sectors need to see IT has partner in most of its problems and not grow huge dependencies on it. There are several other improvements that these other sectors have neglected and hope IT is the answer to most of their problems. IT is just another addition to humans arsenal of weapons to get more productive. These other sectors need to learn that IT is not going to give them all the answers and they need to push themselves in various other sectors too, if they need to succeed in their life.

Hoping that people wash their faces of IT and know potentialities in other sectors. Their cant be a single elephant in a zoo, you would need lot of other animals to entertain the world. Elephant is good, but it wont solve all the problems in the world. Indian government need to push other sectors towards double digit growth and not just the IT sector in order to have 7-8 % GDP growth in our nation.


Its Hyped up, Though I hope the cure is found

Today’s Hot news of HIV being treated in a 2 year old child has reached fever pitch with people rejoicing over the news. The following link in the science daily is comprehensive enough, and it is first documented case of child cured of HIV. Its definitely hyped up with the common man, but people with some research experience and are sane will tell you, this is totally hyped up.

To start of with my analysis, this is not the first case of anyone being cured of HIV, their was an earlier patient in Berlin who was called “Berlin patient”. This man from Berlin had Leukemia (also stated in the Science daily article), and was a single case that has been known ever since of person being cured of HIV. Even though we hear a lot of news from African people being cured of AIDS, as it is never concrete enough with proper documentation – it is always dismissed. The Berlin patient was a special case, it was sort of miracle that the person was cured of AIDS. The Scientists started to speculate on the possibility of the stem-cell transplant could solve it, but the procedure is pretty costly and it will not be economically viable to solve the disease. Also the cure of the berlin patient was close to a miracle, though some scientists tried to reason out on how the cure happened in the person. The latest one the baby being cured of AIDS is also a miracle, they might have well documented it and they might have still done a complete diagnosis on the child to affirm that child does not have any signs of HIV in its blood. I still do not believe, we should be hyping this one – this is another special case where the doctors declare that no signs of HIV in the performed tests means that the disease has been cured. I was reading the Black Swan where the author clearly identifies that doctors needs to change the way they diagnose and conclude on diseases. HIV virus in the child might have receded into a dormant state in parts of body where the test might have not touched upon. Though I am writing as an influenced reader, I believe the child case was another Black Swan case – it is rare and was not expected.

Speaking technically, I have done some drug research in my Under-Graduation with virus. Virus changes it protein structure and that is the reason its been very difficult to treat people of the viral disease. The doctors who give you drugs for viral fever are treating you for your symptoms – the reason why you catch Flu often even though the body might have been treated with drugs recently. The Virus biggest weapon is that it changes its forms and is known to circumvent the immune system every single time. The Virus might change its form very often, same with the case of HIV – due to many environmental factors – their will be different forms of HIV in different continents. The virus with its form change might also fall into areas where it might be ineffective. Retro-Viral treatments might work into the virus changing its form in a human body, I believe it might have changed to a ineffective state in the child – that does not mean the treatment will be able to do the same in another human body. With treatment of the virus, we have to be very speculative of the cure – it is not the final one. Like the cases of Malarial Virus being resistant to the drugs are reappearing all over the world.

Though I wish it was the cure, I wish this happened in a large population of people across different continents and then people would rejoice at the aspect of the drug being cured in the human body. The news is hyped up to an extent that people have started to make MEMEs and also rejoice at the Science being able to solve the big problem facing the humans.Let this happen in a larger population, and let this drug be potent across many continents.

Why privacy does not matter to us anymore

Before I begin, I am a big fan of Facebook and what it has done for all the people in the world. Facebook has connected us with the real people rather than strangers on the internet by the data we provided. Web companies struggled to convert the data we provided to something real for us in the internet world. Facebook has proved to the world that power of influence is still with the people and not with the media utiilities like newspaper and news channels. In return to getting so many benefits, we have to loose something that is privacy. I am totally fine with connections to people and interest based ads, its all part of the world.

Facebook privacy has created big furore with the world media and other web companies since they cannot emulate the success of facebook with their companies. Would anyone of us work for free, if we were told that the work we are doing is helping a lot of people in the world? I doubt anyone would agree in the world, to do such a job. In the capitalistic environment, Facebook is doing just that with all the data that it has collected. Facebook is being another company that would aspire to make more money, since it has to stay afloat to provide services to everyone. The Privacy problems were slightly mistaken in their evaluation, where everyone would blame facebook for the mistakes that they have done. But no one would evaluate facebook as a profit oriented company.

Coming to privacy, I have seen that their are huge loopholes in the real world which no one questions. With examples of people leaving phone numbers in the job sites, visitor books and several other places. With respect to physical address, people have parking stickers on the cars which clearly help strangers identify the address. With so many loopholes in the real world, people or media do not question the privacy in real world. There are many instances of public offices exposing the public data which contain trove of data about the people. The Privacy is lost in the real world, and we havent been able to solve the issue until now; eventhough the problem seems to exist from centuries. We start questioning the privacy of facebook.

Though the privacy on facebook does seem problematic, it is not as big as the media makes it seem like. One thing, I would also agree that we need to protect the privacy is of children who are below age of 15 who are incapable of making decisions which might lead to rape, kidnap or so on. Facebook or other web companies need to have stringent measures regarding children. Privacy is often kept as shield to protect most of the corrupt people. If only there was hardly any privacy, the world would have been a better place to live.

Why do People have Pets, When they can have Humans…

I like animals, it’s not that i am crazy about them but when any animal is nearby I make it a point to appreciate the animal and not tease it. I was just thinking about why would anyone want a pet when they can have humans instead and they can as well have a lot of humans. When talking about pets, it is those animals which can be domesticated at homes. To give clarity to my article, I would be talking only about pets for now which includes a variety of animals and birds like parrots, dogs, cats and other animals that will be harmless in its existence to humans. The pets have been a part of the human life since long when the dog started to follow a stone aged man for the meat that he would hunt for, where the dog would take a part of it. As the humans grew weaker through the centuries, the dog started to protect the humans with its animal languages and warded of other animals. With Humans being able to control fire, the humans became much stronger and not needing anymore services of dog. Humans were unlike neanderthals had emotions and were attached to the dogs as the population of humans was quite less at those times, the dog was a good companion to the long journeys that humans had to go on.

The story though was of Prehistoric, it still holds good for today. The dogs are treated as companion today to share emotions, but why don’t those humans share the same with other humans. Is it that the humans do not want to share with other humans because he might feel inferior with his problems or the other person might not be a good listener and try to give solutions to the problems. Pets are here for the same reason, they do not give solutions. Humans have chosen the pets for this same reason, they want someone to be a good listener. Next time, if you come across anyone trying to give solution – think this, why can’t he just be a dog and listen to what i tell him to.

With respect to other animals its much more solid than the dogs, as dogs are sometimes considered to be house guards or most of the time. Cats, Parrot, Fish are here for emotional purposes only. Humans have such strong reasons to lose their self in their problems that they need a pet to feel happy. They need to see another animal to feel superior and consider that life could be much simpler than it already is. People should consider humans than the pets, as humans can better react to other humans they could possible never get into depression. The emotional support from humans is much greater compared to pets, you do not have to feel inferior to other humans for your problems. Go ahead and be with humans, though you can love pets they are not here for long. They are here for a very short period, Humans live longer than them which will lead to more depression.

When you can have Humans, why have pets and cage them in your homes – they were born free and wild. Let the animals live and get the support of other humans to feel emotionally strong.

I am a developer..and I am proud of it..

Being a Developer is like being the craftsman of the Bronze age who would meticulously prepare each spear and sword for the Battles ahead. Developer is that guy who has to envision the working of a product in the real time environment. Just like each sword cant be tested for its effectiveness, the testers of the software world can miss out on many things – thus missing out on many bugs. The Developer needs to envision the fate of many companies with his skills. I am proud to be a developer, its like being an artist. It is the same feeling like an artist with a blank sheet of paper where his art would be presented. For Developers it is the editors where they type their software code. My rambling has been to address one thing most important in my life, it is the attitude of people when they hear you are a software engineer. They assume you hitting countless hours of office work which is worthless, it might be with them at their offices, not us. The words that most affect us is when people talk harshly about what we are doing and often speaking of how useless all the work that we do is. The capitalist economy in which we strive require more and more of such developers, we are the people who innovate and create solutions to those difficult problems.

Once at my high school, their was a teacher who asked all of us – “ How does a Blind Man Dream?”, we were asked to come up with our own answers coming to class the next day. I thought hard, tried to envision the solution for such a problem. The next day at the school, most of the students did not have answers as we were never blind, and could not dream like a blind man does. The answer was not the big deal , but the teacher pointed out two things that day. Firstly, it was that you need to experience to know of things than hearing or thinking about the problems. Secondly, it is impossible to innovate and also talked of all the things in the world being inspired from something or the other, asked us to tell him an object that was not inspired by anything else in this world. All students went on suggesting about objects like Television, Computers and all. Teacher had a precursor to all such objects, hence proving nothing was created out of its own. Teacher would teach science, may be a religious teacher would have thought us differently. The patent wars are shit to the exact reason, everyone needs an inspiration from somewhere and no innovation can be patented according to the nature’s creations. Developers for this reason are the beings who like to innovate, who like to practice the art of creation. It is the developers who are at the edge of the human beings, we need to keep creating things for the world to be satisfied. It is the human nature for all humans need to fly high than what our ancestors had done. Thus we get better gadgets, better missiles, better everything. Developers are striving to create a better world, next time you hear someone speak about software engineering, ask him his job role and appreciate him if he is a developer.

Developers are the artist being paid a salary, cant deny that there are so many of them.

Why People Love Android Over Apple

Android is growing at an amazing pace, let me tell you the lawsuits that apple has raised against all the android handset manufacturers is due to the apprehensions apple has over the android platform. Apple though making profits at the moment is not winning people’s hearts at the moment. In this post, I would just want to learn the two Eco-systems of mobile handsets. Disclaimer, I am not a fan-boy of either Android or Apple.

Starting with the process of buying a mobile phone, not going to go deep into the statistics. There are a very small percentages of so-called geeks in this world and a larger percentage of non-geeks in this world. So a big percentage of people are buying for its brand value, now Apple has the brand value. Google does not make any large number of android devices, it is the hardware manufacturers who are making big profits by building android hardware. So the huge percentage of ordinary people see the brand of apple has far greater than android, hence apple is winning at the moment. But in the real world, the process of buying a phone is quite different to the one we assumed above. An Ordinary person who has little idea about intricacies of these mobile platforms, is always going to ask his geeky friend for his help. With  the customization of Android, the geeky friend who would suggest his non-geeky friend to own an android phone. Even though that ordinary friend would never use all the customization, that the geeky friend is talking about. So a major percentage of people would be moving to the android platform sooner or later.

Keeping the geeky friend in the picture, who gets all the news from the tech blogs is influenced a lot by the tech writers. The tech blogs thrive sensationalism, as does the rest of the media. So you have many android manufacturers releasing hordes of phones to the market to make a quick buck, these translate to many articles on the tech blogs. As with respect to apple, their media buzz is very limited around the iPhone release dates that happen once in a year. With respect to the android mobiles, the buzz is all around the town throughout the year. That geeky friend would likely be influenced by the buzz and not the comfort it brings by the usage of the mobile phones. Adding one more point about the tech blogs, the speculative posts of the apple has become a huge business for tech blogs, where they write rumors after rumors about apple products and its features. Though this creates a lot of buzz about apple, its become a bad thing for apple as it raised the iPhone expectations to sky level. With android not being so secretive about its features, the expectation is not high as people know of the features before the phone makes it to the market. Android is winning on the tech blogs in a big way, and influencing a lot of so-called geeks. It’s really a minor percentage of people who read Anandtech to understand the real performance of Apple is far better than any Android mobile. People influenced by the RAM and the Processor Speed which Apple keeps it very secretive. The secretive nature of apple is keeping it from going big in the tech blogs, which in turn makes the geeks go crazy and talk crazy about android.

Talking about the User Interface of products, when was the last time you got bored with seeing the same old television – it usually takes about 5 to 7 years time. I think apple has reached that level were people are getting bored with the user interface and it needs to do something drastically different with its next iteration. Android with its fast iterations and changing UI is winning hearts at the moment for being so different at its UI at the moment, though it seems to have lot of fragmentation issues with respect to the OS revisions where it jumps and hops through versions like a frog, they are just going to be over with all the pastries sooner or later. Android by making it more customizable for users has helped grow its Eco-system by allowing users do tasks in a variety of ways. With each manufacturers like Samsung and Htc bringing their own skins to the android mobile, people have a variety of options to choose from unlike apple.

Android is definitely piggy-backing on the Eco-system where the word is going ga-ga over the free OS at the moment, but apple could benefit from just listening to the people. Apple should leave out its Fanboys at the moment, they are zombies at the best. Apple with its operating guy can deliver products at a brisk pace, so the number of devices sold will be quiet high. Apple needs to listen to people, though it’s in their culture not to listen to anyone outside their small research team.

Android is winning the hearts at the best at the moment, the Eco-system is not strong enough at the moment. Android manufacturers are trying to build their own Eco-system by forking the android OS like amazon as done. Apple with its very strict policies might fall like that boarding school you attended that you never liked until you left the place. Hoping that we have two very good Eco-Systems that can sustain through for a long time and keep losers like RIM at bay.

What a Broken Leg Can teach you..

There are things that you just cannot seem to learn until the time is right for you. This is one such thing, i always avoided to the core. Things change for that one day, and you will finally learn about it. That one day would be so dramatic, so humiliating that you will lose all the ego that you had tanked up for yourself. I came to a conclusion that you cannot learn or educate yourself, if you are not humble. The humbleness makes you learn, it will teach you that you are a tiny speck trying to learn the vast extravagant universe. I had always been thinking, we are alone at all the tasks that you would need to learn, being arrogant gets you going through the race better than others.

And then there was this one day, when i finally broke my leg. It was the first time, I had ever broken any bones in my body. It was like the world fell on me, I was completely disabled. I was walking on all my four limbs, hoping on a single leg – felt like a real person with a disability. I did have huge respect for disabled people, but never felt what actually a disabled person feels. The last two days have been awful, it is like they are the most helpless people. Disabled people need a lot of courage to overcome all the negative thoughts to come to a competitive level to the more able person. My thoughts of how disabled person feel in their daily life might have been minimal, with the chores that they need to carry out to stay ahead in their life is huge. They would need to take special care of the disability by addressing to the medicines or other needs of the disability.

With a broken leg, I have felt that person with a disability needs to be highly respected than whatever we have been giving them of. One more important thing that i have learnt after the broken leg incident is the value of family around you. They are the most essential people at this time of need, you might have been arrogant when healthy but when these hardened times arrive they would support you by looking after all your needs. I have started to value my family, they are quintessential to your survival in the bad times.

Never expected to have a broken leg, as I was not trying into any adventure. I was just trying to get down the stairs at my place, the timing was just unfortunate that I had to fall in the worst possible positions. With all the worst possible things happening at a time. This must have been the worst time for my body, as I have gone through many bike accidents – came through unscathed with just bruises but was never disabled to an extent that I could not help myself in my daily chores. The incident has made me believe the entity called  Time, my mother makes me believe it was god. While i being agnostic, I agree with her to an extent.

The Broken Legs and Broken Hearts can teach you much more than a Hundred Years of Happiness.